What is Blind Shipping?

Blind Shipping is the ‘blind date’ of the business world. With imports, it occurs when your overseas factory and your end-user are completely unaware of each another. Blind Shipping, first and foremost, protects your business from supply chain predators. Keeping Chinese suppliers and end-users completely separate is the key-value proposition.

A Blind Shipment happens when an importer arranges for a product to be shipped directly from their China supplier to their customer while hiding the identity of the supplier from the customer.

Some use the term double-blind shipping to describe when the supplier does not know the identity of the destination customer– that is, they do not know who they are shipping to.

Whether you call it Blind Shipping or Double-Blind Shipping – it protects your business.

Why use blind or double-blind shipping?

Let’s say you sell customized products and your supplier is in China. If your packaging or shipping documents contain any supplier information, your customer may try to place their next order directly from the supplier, circumventing you. Blind shipping avoids this from happening and makes certain you keep your customers.

You also don’t want your supplier to reach out directly to your customers, offering them the same goods you sold to them at a better price. That’s when double-blind shipping could be a great option for you.

How does blind shipping work?

To arrange a blind or double-blind shipment, picks up your order from your factory and removes your supplier’s original commercial invoice and packing list before the shipment leaves China and clears customs. Your shipment passes through customs with our shipping docs, effectively hiding your real supplier’s contact information. This means the supplier’s information does not appear in the delivery.

In a double-blind shipment, your supplier never knows the destination address. Only you will know where the shipment originates, and where it ends up.

Blind Shipping vs. Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a shipping method used by an importer who does not store their own inventory. They ship directly from the supplier to the customer.

Blind shipping, or double-blind shipping, describes when both supplier and customer are blind to origin and destination. The most significant way of protecting your business.


Blind shipping is an increasingly popular topic as international trade continues to grow. Importers are using the method to simplify their supply chains without revealing the information of third-party vendors to their customer.

If you have any questions regarding blind shipping, are wondering how you can safely be involved with a blind shipment, or have any other additional related questions, please feel free to reach out to a team member.

Ship Customer Direct From China

Blind Shipping ticks off a lot of the above boxes. As express shippers, we work with your factory to arrange to pick up, generate new shipping documents which hide your factory. Why hide the factory? So you can safely ship directly to your customer and it’s nobodies business but your own. NEVER touch shipments. Deliver duty paid within days. Alibaba is breathing down everyone’s neck. Hide factory origin, pricing, and destinations. Blind Shipping is safer, reduces shipping costs, and shortens delivery cycles.

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