Shipping to Taiwan, Republic Of China?


The taxation for a particular country depends on the local GST/VAT, as well as the item category and its declared value.
The tax & duty threshold is the amount at which a person begins paying taxes based on the declared value of an item.>


CIF: import duty and taxes are calculated based on the sum of the customs value, shipping cost and insurance.
FOB: import duty and taxes are calculated only on the customs value of the imported goods.

Taiwan, Republic Of China – TW

New Taiwan dollar – TWD


Mobiles – 0%
Tablets – 0%
Computers & Laptops – 0%
Cameras – 0%
Accessories (no-battery) – 0%
Accessories (battery) – 0%
Health & Beauty – 0%


2000 TWD

Fashion – 12%
Watches – 5%
Jewelry – 0%
Dry Food & Supplements – 10%
Home & Appliances – 5%
Home & Garden – 0%
Toys – 0%


2000 TWD

Sports – 3%
Luggage – 7%
Audio Video – 10%
Documents – 0%
Gaming – 5%
Books & Collectibles – 0%
Pet Accessories – 7%

INCOTERMSThe valuation method is CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight), which means that the import duty and taxes payable are calculated on the complete shipping value, which includes the cost of the imported goods, the cost of freight, and the cost of insurance. In addition to duty, imports are also subject to sales tax, trade promotion tax, commodity tax, and in some cases to excise in the form of liquor tax and tobacco tax in addition to health welfare tax.


The list of restricted items changes frequently, so it’s always best to check the official customs page prior to sending your goods.

Restricted Items
Restricted items are goods which must meet certain conditions before going through Customs Clearance.

  • Pets
  • Plants
  • Seeds
  • Medicine
  • Currency and Gold


Prohibited Items
Prohibited items are goods which cannot be imported into the country.

  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Objectionable publications
  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Chemicals
  • Health hazardous materials
  • Endangered Species and Products
  • Gambling articles

Shipping Documents

Shipping internationally requires a lot of documentation, which can be confusing and time consuming. Easyship generates this paperwork for you automatically based on your shipment’s information, making the whole process easy.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Battery Statement
  • Tax Documents & Shipping labels

Additional Information

Outside Delivery Area
The courier may apply a surcharge when delivering to less populated areas due to the higher operational costs involved.


Non-working Days
Saturday and Sunday are considered non-working days. You may experience delays for your shipments on these days.


Public Holidays
Non working days also occur during public holiday. Please refer to the official Holidays Page .