14 years ago a Jack Ma, a Chinese entrepreneur, developed a platform for Chinese exporters to meet buyers online. By 2002, he made $1 in profits. By 2016, he was generating cash flows of $2.65 billion per quarter.& Alibaba has proven that direct sellers are a go-to resource.

Alibaba changed the market dynamic in profound ways. It is causing a never ending shift in the buyer-seller landscape. Within the promotional products industry, the three-tiered supplier-distributor-end user boundary has been steadily eroding. The Alibaba effect has manifested itself in significant ways:

  • Millennials search and buy products online.
  • Chinese exporters sell more products direct.
  • End-users are cutting out tranditional importers.

Sam Walton said “It’s not how you sell, it’s how you buy”. An indispensable truth!

It takes a lot of time, money and effort to develop reliable factories in China. How you buy, your supply chain, is an asset worth protecting. You need protection FOR your factory and protection FROM your factory! Alibaba taught both customers and suppliers to become predatory by cutting out the middle man.

Predictions  for The New Normal

  • Shorter lead times, delivery cycles, more rush orders.
  • Increased competition from supply chain predatory.
  • Higher shipping costs to meet event dates.
  • Need to develop methodologies to protect your business.

2017 has seen see shorter delivery cycles and more rush orders. Both of these factors combine to work against importers. Margins are reduced as customers look to you and Alibaba. The level of business knowledge, supplier and customer side, has grown exponentially in an ever-shrinking world.

Shipping factory direct saves time. Nothing is faster or less expensive than shipping point A to point B. However, exposing your factory works against you even if the need to ship direct, to catch an event, is strong. Nothing should be stronger than hiding your factory and pricing from customers. Suppliers and customers are best kept apart. The answer is Blind Shipping.

Why Blind Ship from China?

It eliminates the need to touch your shipments: saving time, handling and reshipping from your office to your customer. It hides fob costs, origins and destinations. It prevents predators from knowing your business.


Deliver in days with complete supply chain protection. Our solution provides a single all-in price for China shipment pickup; replacing factory shipping documents, customs brokerage, and blind delivery. Only you should know your product cost, supplier information and final destination. 

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