Duty Calculator

01. From where to where you import

02. Product Type and Value

01. From where to where you import

Importing from: China
Importing to: United States - New York
Shipping Method: Courier

02. The type of product, its value and where it was manufactured

Product Descriptions: Lanyard Polyester
Product Category: Key Rings with plain fob / no functionality
Total product values: US $0.65

03. The cost of shipping & insurance

Shipping costs: US $0.00
Insurance Costs: US $0.00

Calculator Results

Total Customs Value (FOB): US $0.65
This is the amount that customs values your import at
- Duty: US $0.00
- Merchandise Processing Fee: US $0.00
Total import duty & taxes due: US $0.00
This is the amount that need to be paid to customs
- Product, shipping & insurance: US $0.65
Total landed cost: US $0.65
This is the total cost of imporing, including product, shipping, insurance and import duty & taxes

Calculation and Compliance note

Notes on duty & taxes rates and compliance
  • Lanyard Polyester has a duty rate of 3.9% and an Anti Dumping Duty rate of 10.00% (China)
Notes on import taxes due
  • No duties because the total FOB does not exceed US$800.00
  • No Merchandise Processing Fee because the total FOB value does not exceed US$800.00
  • Please note that your shipping provider may add an additional handling fee Read more on how import duty & taxes are calculated for United States

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