Blind Drop Shipping happens when your customers receive a package from China anonymously. Your seller’s contact information is changed or hidden when you receive a shipping from China to USA or anywhere else! The identity of your supplier is never known by your customer.

The factory-listed origin will be hidden when preparing your international shipping label. It will be impossible for your customers to know your supplier, especially when dealing with the best blind drop shipping company. We wrote the book in Blind Drop Shipping! So, when it comes to receiving drop shipped packages, your factory origin remains hidden.

ANOTHER ADVANTAGE, the factory will never know your customer. Many times factory merchandisers change jobs. These merchandisers take your sales and shipping information with them. Blind Drop Shipping protects your business from both sides. Both suppliers and customers are blocked from each other.

  • Blind Drop Shipping delivers faster
  • Shipments are delivered directly to your customers
  • All blind drop shipments are delivered freight and duty prepaid
  • Blind Drop Shipping eliminates all local receiving, handling and re-shipping
  • Never touch a shipment


Shipping from China to USA

Drop Shipping vs. Blind Drop Shipping

Your inventory is located with a wholesaler or supplier. When you receive a sales order from your customer, your shipment from China to the USA (or Europe, Canada, or anywhere else), is shipped by your supplier who then ships it directly to the customer. You don’t get to see the shipment or touch it. THIS IS DROP SHIPPING.


Your blind drop shipping fulfillment partner picks up your shipment from your supplier. Hides your factory’s contact information, thus preventing links back to your supplier. Your factory is hidden because we switch the original shipping documents and use a different company name. This hides all your supply chain details. The supplier contact address is hidden before it’s shipped to your customer. Blind Drop Shipping is private label shipping from China to the USA.

Advantages of Blind Drop Shipping from China to USA

1. Competitive Edge

After investing and building a reliable relationship with your supplier, your competition might try to find (and take) your supplier in China. They can contact them by obtaining details from your shipped packages. They can order products from you and gain access to your vendor information. You can avoid this by hiring the best blind drop shipping company.

Blind shipping eliminates this risk of factory or customer poaching because your supplier information is  blind or anonymous to both the factory and your customer.

2. Blind Drop Shipping makes it is easier to scale

Order higher quantities of blank products and decorate only as you receive orders. Rather than ordering 100 widgets to fulfil an order, you can purchase a much larger quantity, say 1000 widgets, and decorate those 100 units as you receive sales orders. Your cost on 100 vs. 1000 units will be substantially less expensive.

3. Hide your factory, protect your supply management

If a customer receives a shipment with your supplier’s information, what stops them from reordering directly? Your business stagnates when repeat customers are potentially buying China-direct. With blind dropshipping, you defend against customers choosing to directly purchase from your supplier.

In fact, importers are well aware of  the supply china poaching risk. Instead they spend time and money working to avoid it. How? Theu have their supplier ship their products directly to their local facilities, only to handle, relabel and reship to their end-users. On average, it will cost $20 to receive a package plus another $1/lb to reship to their customers.

4. Save time and money

Blind Drop Shipping eliminates all local handling, warehousing and reshipping orders to your customers. With the best blind drop shipping company, your net result will be higher profit margins per order.

Delivery time is a key part of your import business. Time is always in short supply. With blind drop shipping, you save time on tasks like local repackaging and the reshipping process.

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