Ensure Fast Delivery with Double-Blind Air Express Shipping from China

Double-Blind Air Express Shipping from China

Looking to optimize your shipping operations and ensure fast, secure delivery? Double-blind air express shipping is the solution you need. With this innovative method, you can enjoy the benefits of increased privacy, cost savings, and improved efficiency for your business. Double-blind air express shipping is a strategy that offers businesses a discreet and efficient way […]

Master the Art of Blind Shipping: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on blind shipping! In today’s business landscape, blind shipping has become an increasingly popular strategy for companies of all sizes. Blind shipping is a process where the shipper does not disclose their identity to the end customer, instead using a third-party logistics company to handle the entire process from start […]

General Rate Increases (GRI) for 2024

When shipping costs increase due to General Rate Increases (GRI), businesses decide whether to absorb the cost or pass it on to customers. To ensure importers do not suffer losses, businesses may need to raise their product prices or adjust their shipping thresholds. However, partnering with a third-party logistics provider (3PL) like ShipCustomerDirect.com can offer […]

What You Need to Know About Blind Shipping and How It Can Benefit Your Imports

Blind shipping is a method of shipping orders from your supplier to your customer without revealing the identity of your supplier. In other words, your customer will never see your supplier information on the shipping label. This technique is very useful for Importers looking to ship faster and protect their sources. This article will explain […]

Why is my China supplier asking for my tax ID number (EIN)?

When goods enter the United States from overseas, it is considered an importation and must be cleared by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). When a company purchases goods from an overseas supplier, CBP considers them the ultimate importer. The ultimate importer can clear the goods or have a broker clear them on their behalf.   […]

What is Blind Shipping?

What is Blind Shipping? Blind Shipping is the ‘blind date’ of the business world. With imports, it occurs when your overseas factory and your end-user are completely unaware of each another. Blind Shipping, first and foremost, protects your business from supply chain predators. Keeping Chinese suppliers and end-users completely separate is the key-value proposition. A Blind […]

Top Tips: Best Express Courier Options from China

Which Courier should I choose? Buying from China inevitably means using express air couriers. Factories get late, 100-piece orders aren’t shipped by sea or air cargo. The need exists for sending or receiving samples, commercial documents, small orders and delivering products for date-specific events. Express shipping can be as fast as next day delivery. Lower […]

The Balance of Power Has Shifted

What’s Changed? Chinese factories and end-users, going direct and cutting you out. Alibaba has altered the landscape. Importers fight to retain market share. The new normal means increased rushes and shorter order-to-delivery cycles. Lowering transportation costs, hiding your supply chain, and moving shipments faster has never been more important. The best way to safeguard your […]


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