Coronavirus and International Shipping

Coronavirus and International Shipping Concerned about the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on international shipments? We here to help you navigate, so we’re pulling together as many details as possible to help figure out how shipments may be affected. The main takeaway is that production, shipping, and fulfilment from China will be majorly affected due […]

Battle for the Promotional Products Industry

The battleground is set Alibaba, founded in 1999, set a world record in 2015, completing the largest IPO in history. Today, Alibaba is three times bigger than Amazon. The company, growing exponentially, sends reverberations through most B2B industries. The promotional products industry is particularly affected because delivery cycles, to meet event dates, are being shortened and that is critical. China […]

7 Steps to Importing and Selling Products from China

                      The Chinese economy exports trillions of dollars annually. Learn the basics, follow a plan and make profit sourcing, importing and selling products online. Maybe it isn’t that easy but learning and planning around best practices can help avoid serious errors! Failing to measure twice and cut […]

7 expert tips on shipping from China

There are many elements when importing from China that many importers don’t understand. The shipping China process is one such factor. Manufacturing products with the proper quality and meeting customer delivery expectation is enough to make one gasp at times. Many merchandising buyers prefer not to get involved, and this is exactly where issues are […]


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