Blind Shipping Defined

What’s it all about?

We’re express shippers. We pick up your orders, from your China factory, make new shipping documents and ship directly to your customer. You NEVER touch the shipment. You order is delivered duty paid within days. Blind shipping hides your factory, origin, pricing and destinations. Blind Shipping means reduced shipping costs, and shorter delivery cycles. Keep factories and customers apart.

What’s in it for me?

Hiding your factory from your customers. No more receiving shipments at your office only to reship to end-users. 50% off carrier-published rates. When major carriers charge $100, SCD is $50 and customs brokerage is free. Supply chain predators can't poach your factories or customers. Expert freight advice. Money back guarantee. 24/7 tracking. Tight deliveries have more wiggle room.

Key Benefits?

Schedule a pick up in 3-steps. Securely store factory and customer addresses, products and HS tariff codes. Controlling shipping. DDP delivery. 23,000+ deliveries since 2008. Prevent factories and customers from cutting you out. Identify freight, duty, taxes and surcharges in advance. Never touching shipments saves time and money. Customers don't know where you manufacture, suppliers have no idea where you shipped.

How It Works

Never Touch Shipments

We do the heavy lifting. From pickup to clearing customs.

Eliminate Local Handling

Blind Shipping means never having to receive shipments at your office or reshipping to customers.

Deliver Duty-Paid In Days

Easy to use website allows you to prepay freight and duty. Your customers receive shipments freight and duty paid

Online Tracking 24/7

We keep you updated every step of the way. You'll know when we pickup from your factory, create a tracking number, and deliver your shipment.

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Money Back Guarantee

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What our customers say about us


  • Grant K, Scrappy Apparel

    Grant K, Scrappy Apparel

    SCD has been a driving force in streamlining my shipping needs from China. Perry is easy to work with and the communication is second to none. Before finding SCD, I wasted 1 week sending everything to my facility for repacking. Now everything goes straight to the customer, speeding up the process. Great Company and Great People.

  • George J, NYC

    George J, NYC

    SCD really changed how we deliver finished product from China. They tailored a system specific to our needs. They pick up from our vendor, hide the factory, deliver fast, and it’s all prepaid. No more local receiving. In 3-clicks we set the ball in motion and all we see are tracking numbers and updates. 5-star recommendation.

  • Gertrude N, Brooklyn

    Gertrude N, Brooklyn

    So much of our margin was getting eaten up by receiving shipments, then reshipping. Not to mention the time it took to process inbound shipments, sort them and create new shipping labels from our office to our end users. With SCD my orders get shipped customer direct and we never see the orders. Great 3PL partners.


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